2023 Annual Goal $1,800,000 for 15,000 student on the scholarship waiting list who qualify as underserved students.

Life has a way of opening one’s eyes to certain events and opportunities especially in the journey to discovering one’s true purpose. And ours has been no different. In fact, we can confidently say that each choice we have made and path taken has been oriented towards one thing; service to others with the desire to uplift people and make a positive impact in their lives both materialistically and holistically in whatever manner we can. However little or much that we have at any given time, there is always someone in need of a helping hand. We will forever go out of our way to bring a smile to their faces and rekindle the flame of hope and faith that brighter days are certainly ahead.

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At Education Success Foundation, we believe that education is important in breaking the cycle of poverty in families across the nation. Regardless of social, economic or ethnic background, our innovative, vocational, project-based, hands-on learning approach bridges the gaps and builds the workforce of tomorrow. You see, twenty or thirty years ago, we thought of poverty in terms of a lack of income or lack of wealth. It was almost always considered through a financial lens. Since then, however, we have come to understand that although lack of income or assets or wealth are important dimensions of poverty, this is a very partial understanding of it. Instead, these days we more holistically conceptualize poverty as a lack of choice. Or a lack of the ability to make decisions, allocate resources or undertake activities to bring about beneficial outcomes. If poverty is a lack of choice, how then do you enable families to have choices?

First, you increase the resources available to them so they can buy life’s essentials such as food, clean water, homes, education and medical services. However, while resources are absolutely necessary, they are not sufficient on their own. You also need to know how to use them. You need the knowledge to make informed choices about how best to use your resources to solve a problem or get the most out of an opportunity. So, to break the cycle of poverty you need resources, you need tools to help grow resources and manage your finances and you also need education to help you understand how to make informed decisions, how to choose between multiple options and how to avoid problems. Together, resources and knowledge powerfully reinforce one another. But here’s the problem: the disparity amongst the underserved community members across the US makes it hard to access affordable quality education programs to help them gain the skillset needed to compete for many of the advertised jobs. That’s why we strive to create easy access to quality vocational training for the underserved communities.

We have our Eligible Career Pathways Program where we provide support services including tutoring, academic counselling, and emotional counselling to over 2,000 students aged between 18 and 99 though our partner institutions. We connect with these students either online, in person, or by phone where they get to interact with our highly qualified instructors who help them learn and understand new concepts. This ensures that students acquire the knowledge needed to obtain a vocational training certificate/degree and a high school diploma or GED. And on completion, students are placed in career fields where they can build a successful future and control their destiny.

However, despite pursuing this great mission that will touch so many lives in a major way, we need your help to raise funds, which will go directly to providing 24/7 support to students across the US who are working to break the cycles of undereducation and poverty in their lives. Kindly stand with us and be part of something big having contributed in bringing light to the lives of students and helping them build a future they can be sure of. Thank you again for your support and please remember that every donation helps no matter how big or how small. It is our belief that we cannot do this alone, but together with you on-board, we have the potential to do great things and change the world for the better. We wish you all good health and stay safe.